The Project

Virtual Mobilities for All

One of the most successful actions promoted by the Erasmus + program is mobilities. This project will help participants at all stages of their lives, from school through to adulthood, to pursue stimulating opportunities for learning across Europe, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Benefits for participants include: to develop personally, professionally, and academically; gain new transferable skills and boost their employability; broaden their horizons – physically and mentally, develop cultural awareness and open-mindedness; enhance self-confidence and improve and gain language skills.

But while it is feasible to encourage outward and inward adult learner’s mobility among institutions, organizations, training providers, and companies, the main limitations are the high costs, socio-economic, political, and health-related issues. People facing mental and physical disabilities have extremely limited options to participate in mobility actions or are being excluded of a wide range of them as the hosting organizations are not capable of providing a safe and accessible environment for them.

Virtual Mobility (VM) has a great potential to dramatically reduce those barriers by adding the virtual component to mobility and to make mobilities accessible to all.

The aim is to support Adult Education organizations and those working with people with disabilities to promote VM. The main target group for the project is people with physical and mental disabilities participating in Adult Education but the concept of virtual mobilities has significant potential to be used by any learner in different educational areas such as VET, School and Higher Education.


Partners :

  • Pontydysgu SL (Spain)
  • Active Citizens Partnership (Greece)
  • Nexus Europe Ireland Ltd (Ireland)
  • Center for Intercultural Dialogue Association (The Republic of North Macedonia)
  • Pistes Solidaires (France)

Other information

Start: September 2020

Duration : 30 Months


Funding : Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education

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